Travel: A gorgeous yet giggly getaway…

It seemed like forever that we arranged to go to London. Adam had bought us tickets to IMG_0826.JPGsee Russell Howard, at the Royal Albert Hall, so we decided to make a short break of it.

I’ll be honest I had always hated the thought of being in London. The noise, the busy streets and the crowds, it was probably more my anxiety talking than anything else. I was terrified of the tube and I already hate escalators (childhood incident).

We booked the train from Sutton Parkway to Nottingham where we had to change onto the London train. I love train rides, I like seeing the countryside rushing by me and all the different train stations, plus listening to my music or getting into a good book. I was very excited just to get away from work and some of my anxieties. Most of all, it would just be me and Adam for three whole days.

IMG_0774.JPGTo cut a long story short, we found the tube and eventually worked out where we needed to go. We got off and we had a long walk to our hotel. This only happened because we didn’t know about a secret subway that would have saved us a mile walk (Thank you Trip Advisor!) Our bags were heavy as we walked down past branches of our work places which were opposite the hotel. It felt like we couldn’t escape work! Ha!

We got into the hotel, our room was on the third floor, it was lovely and comfortable with a TV. We sat around for a bit unpacking and naturally we had a turn of flopping onto the bed. We are very much children at heart…you’ll find out to what extent later in the post. However, we were very hungry so decided to shower and head out over the road to a entertainment complex. We saw there was a Nando’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Burger King and a lot more including cinema and bowling alley.

IMG_0237Our shower made a horrific sound. I can only explain it as a super squeaky bed or the sound PacMan makes but on helium. The guy came to fix it but said it was an ongoing issue but resulted in a refund for our entire stay. Pretty sure that meant we were practically on a free holiday? So off to Pizza Hut we went. It was so good after being on a diet for a few months, it was soooooo good.

The first day we decided to tick the London Eye off our bucket lists. I’ve always wanted to go and I feel that as a British person, it is something you have to do while you’re in the capital. It was the first warm sunny day that we had had so far in 2017, so we took some lovely pictures then had a walk past Big Ben and to Buckingham Palace. That day the Queen was in London, she was unveiling a war memorial, so the roads were closed for vehicles near the palace.

IMG_0242That night we went to Nando’s for tea before having a walk to the Royal Albert Hall. The building itself was a lot bigger than I thought it was. It was beautiful inside and to top it off we were on the front row. IMG_0837I had a truly memorable time and Russell Howard is just the funniest. I will probably do a review of his show ‘Around the World’ but what I loved the most was that he used his position of fame to talk about things that mattered. He spoke about depression, politics, young people, mental health and the way women are made to feel in today’s culture. There was obviously a huge amount of laughs and jokes and I bought a t-shirt plus a keychain for Adam.

The next day was shopping day, which started with a sausage bap and fresh orange juice. Our Apple Watches were counting those steps like no tomorrow, alerting us that we had smashed our move goals, as our sore feet already knew. The first stop was the brand new Lego Store in Leicester Square. I have already mentioned our inner child haven’t I? It was amazing, the talent of the people who make all the models and the pictures. It was incredible to see. I even sat in a Lego tube carriage with William Shakespeare and a palace guard. IMG_0243

We visited the beautifully chocolate fragranced M&M world and got some chocolates before hitting Oxford Street. We visited a Lush that had it’s own Spa, a SuperDry with around five floors, a quick wiz around Hamley’s, a Nike store with around six floors, Selfridges for a new foundation and then to the Disney store which was full of Beauty and the Beast merchandise. (It’s my favourite film!) We visited Covent Garden and Piccadilly, feeling pretty proud of ourselves for navigating the tube so successfully. It’s safe to say I no longer have fear of the tube.

Did I mention we went to Cinnabon? Never knew there was one in the UK! It was AMAZING.

So by the time we reached the hotel, we decided going out for tea wasn’t an option, we were exhausted. We ordered take out and watched Pirates of the Caribbean, which was just a perfect end to our day.IMG_0240 I love chilling, when I don’t have a thousand things to do, that’s what Adam would say about me.
We left the hotel and went back to the station, where I bought Mother’s Day presents
from Cath Kidston and nipped into MAC. We had a Costa while we waited to get on the train. I had such a lovely time and I was very sad it was over, plus I had to go back to work the next day.

My outlook on London has changed. I loved being there, there is IMG_0951.JPGso much to do and it has made me want to explore other cities
across the world. It made me feel so much love towards Adam while we were exploring and creating memories together. I wanted to book another weekend away as soon as I
got on the train home. However, it will probably be October time before we can afford to travel again. For now though, it was such a good getaway filled with my Adam, shopping, food and laughter.
Thanks for reading,

Holly x

This month I’m currently:

Watching: Supernatural.

Reading: Pretty Girls by Karen Slaughter

Doing: Making a dress for a wedding reception.


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