Losing Weight and Gaining Positivity


It’s my first official post on my weight loss journey. In a previous blog post, I had express how fed up I was and how much my weight was affecting my health. I also said how humiliated and upset I felt when going to the doctors for a check up.

So it has been a couple of month since I decided to get my act together, eat healthier and get myself into a gym. I was out of my depth but ready to do it. I’m sure I can speak on behalf of many, that sometimes you know you have to do it but the motivation isn’t there. I didn’t really have much option this time.

trying to be organised.

It started with a personal trainer, starting my gym membership and laying off the cake. It was hard and I’m still not 100% now but i’m slowly getting there. I couldn’t just go cold turkey as they say.

So I started having two personal training sessions a week and followed an eating plan. I began in the middle of January and now we are going into march. I have lost two stone.

I’ve had days when my thighs hurt and it hurt to even sit down on the loo. It’s been hard and I think unless you have been similar weight, it’s hard to really know.

I tried Aerobics classes which I really got into, I try to go to these when I’m not working early mornings. I did try Spin classes but I felt like somebody had shoved their foot up my backside and I have the bruises that would prove it. The exercises with the kettle bell and the medicine ball often make me light headed but I know it will all be worth it.  I enjoy the cross trainer now, considering I hated it to start with, but I find the treadmill boring.

my face has lost a chin!

I just need to get better at eating and being disciplined with temptation.

I can now run around with my brother more and go up stairs without being out of breath. My face is thinner and I can fit in jeans two sizes smaller. It’s strange how other people are noticing it rather than me. I’m trying to drink more water, up to 3-4 litres a day, which is so hard.

My anxiety seems at bay. I don’t feel as self conscious at work anymore and on the train. I haven’t been clothes shopping yet, but it seems pointless if I’m going to continue to lose weight.

So I guess that’s it for now. I’m hoping that next time I right about my weight loss it will be another happy story. Wish me luck!!

love Holly x

Left: February 2017 Right: October 2016

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