November 10th: Changes

After coming back from our holiday in October, a lot of things changed for me, in different aspects of my life. A positive is that our holiday reminded me of why I fell in love with Adam in the first place. I then suffered with what a lot of people will also call the ‘Holiday Blues’.

IMG_0096.jpgInto the end of October and beginning of November, I have moved departments at work which was scary and made my anxiety go through the roof. I constantly feel like people don’t really like me. I always compare how much people like my colleagues in comparison to me. However putting that aside, I really enjoy what I’m doing now and that it’s busy. I get along with my new co-workers and my new manager but sometimes I get scared of messing up etc. I also got given a bigger contract which is great.

This month is the month I finally commit to saving for a house. I’m not sure how this will go since I’m bad with money and my other half has issues with big changes. I’m hoping that he will want to start saving too. He is going through some bad times in regards to mental health, so I’m not pushing it too much at the minute. It’s made my relationship with my mother difficult at the minute; in regards to money. I need to start moving on with my life.

Sometimes life gets so busy that me and adam barely get time together, however when we do it’s so good! We took a lovely walk around Sherwood Pines which was so nice and quiet. There was literally no other sound than the birds in the trees and the crunch of leaves beneath our feet. It did us both good, plus there’s nothing better than an autumn walk.


On a brighter note, I’ve found a perfect make up pair, Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and Matte Primer. I feel so confident wearing it and it makes my skin look really good. I need to stop spending money on make up now – seriously.IMG_0030.jpg
Another positive I’ve also made the decision to start reading more again, starting with a new Disney set I’ve discovered while birthday shopping for my dad and Adam who’s birthday’s are the 10th and 14th. It’s my favourite shopping behind christmas shopping.

I also got my new phone this month, iPhone 7 plus in matte black, I love it.

Overall, I can’t wait to move out, move on and I want to write more. Graduation is in the next couple of weeks, which is scary. I’m super tired tonight but knew that I had to write something. I went back and added the positives that I’ve had recently because I focus too much on the negatives.img_0117


Holly x

This month I’m currently:

Watching: Gilmore Girls and Black Mirror

Reading: A Whole New World (Disney Twisted Tales)

Doing: Painting my nails (Barry M: Molten Metal: Bronze Bae)

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