Travel: Rhodes (Greece)

This October, me and my fiancé went on holiday to Greece. It seemed on absolute lifetime from when we booked it, but finally we were on our way. I was super excited! The short flight there was four hours and it seemed to go pretty quickly.

me and my fiancé in Lindos

The lovely thing about the part of Greece we visited was it was very peaceful. It was quiet and there wasn’t much there. It was a bit too quiet at night but still, after packing in the hours at work it was nice just to listen to the sea air and waves, no screaming children or the beeps of checkout areas back home.

The staff were lovely and it was great that we went all inclusive. Our week was spent going from eating, to chilling by the poolside and one day we took a trip to Lindos.


A lovely place full of sugar cube houses and donkeys for taxi rides. If honest the shops there where full of fake designer clothes, magnets and donkey toys but it’s a must see when you go to Greece. Lindos is like a pretty postcard plus there’s plenty of historic monuments; the acropolis and ruins of the ancient theatre. We also had a waddle down to St. Pauls bay which looked beautiful, but it was far too hot to have a real trek around.

Amazing castle…

Earlier in the week, we visited Rhodes town both the new and old parts. We managed to get stuck in the medieval village and the castle (which was beautiful) and then found our way to the new part of Rhodes. There was shops like Nike, Superdry, Sephora and Lacoste. It could only be me and Adam who go on holiday and end up in a McDonalds but it was hot – plus they have what they call a Greek Big Mac.

Make up heaven!

It was a lovely holiday, it was great just to have some quality time together and forget about all my worries. It was a shame we had some money stolen towards the end of the holiday, and a beyond hectic airport due to the Greek airport strikes. Thank goodness for the VIP lounge we paid for. Peaceful cinnamon bun and hot chocolate bliss.

VIP lounge chilling time.

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